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Submitted by: Gary Vinski

When developing a wrestlers bodyweight coaching system there are a variety of points to contemplate. I prefer to use 5 straightforward measures when designing a bodyweight training plan for wrestlers.Wrestlers Weight Coaching System Phase #1- Pick the Core ExercisesAs a strength and conditioning coach for wrestlers and MMA fighters, all as well usually I have wrestlers appear to me and tell me that they want a weight coaching strategy to have in better shape or they wish to get stronger. I usually consult them what that means. If you’d like to acquire in shape does it mean you want to run a 5K within a selected volume of time, have you been gassing out from the third time period, would you like to lose 5% physique body fat therefore you could make fat less difficult, or do you want to complete weighted chinups having a certain quantity of bodyweight so you can end takedowns less difficult? Putting a concrete number behind your aim will not likely only allow you realize when you have attained it, however it will even permit you to greater pick the workout routines that are planning to finest measure your progress.As an example, if getting into better shape is your target, and completing a 5K in less than 20 minutes will be your indicator and/or step one key objective you set, then that is 1 of your respective core workout routines. In an excess weight teaching for wrestling strategy, the core physical exercise could be the test that you just use to measure your progress. It is used to determine the overall good results of your respective power coaching system.When competing within a strength sport like powerlifting the selection of the core physical exercises is simple; it can be the lifts you execute in the meet. In case your squat, bench, and/or deadlift go up, then your training cycle was effective. If a single or all of the lifts didn’t go up you then will need to reevaluate.When looking to pick out a core workout(s) for vague goals like “get in shape” or “get stronger” you should actually spend a while thinking specifically what meaning for you. What do you do this makes you feel out of shape or weak? Let those issues aid to find out what may possibly or will not be a great core physical exercise and create your wreslter bodyweight training prepare from there.Wrestlers Bodyweight Instruction Program Stage #2- Pick two DerivativesThere really are a quantity of ways to prevent a training plateau from occurring even though you’re weight instruction as a wrestler. My favorite method to prevent this from happening is to rotate workout routines. Therefore, it really is from the utmost significance that you choose a minimum of two derivatives that will mimic your core physical exercise. That way you’ll be able to rotate the core exercise with an exercise that is certainly equivalent each 3-5 weeks to avoid boredom and plateauing.By way of example, if 1 of your respective objectives for wrestler fat training plan is to increase your upper body strength and you’ve picked the bench press to become one particular of your respective core workout routines then you definately might choose a floor press as well as a near grip bench to get two of one’s derivatives. You’ll then rotate individuals physical exercises as your major raise for the day. For 3-5 weeks you’ll bench press, then another 3-5 weeks you are going to floor press, then the final 3-5 weeks you will shut grip bench. Right after you finish up that training block you will then return to your bench press to determine how much your max has elevated. If it elevated then it really is secure to suppose that the floor press and near grip bench (assuming individuals improved also) have a very good correlation together with your bench press and that continued utilization of these physical exercises will bring about more increases in your bench press.Once you return for your core exercise right after rotating through the derivatives and also you happen to seek out that your bench press didn’t go up despite the fact that your floor press and shut grip benches did, then it’s almost certainly protected to assume that individuals two lifts do not have a direct carryover to your bench. When you attain this summary it is important to then choose other derivatives to function into your wrestler excess weight teaching program to find out what results they may have both on your power and wrestling effectiveness.When you can see, suitable derivative exercising variety inside your bodyweight training for wrestling strategy may be tough, nonetheless it will sooner or later supply you with a fantastic comprehending of what works very best to suit your needs and what doesn’t carryover too to suit your needs which will ultimately bring about greater progress by means of a higher knowledge within the lengthy run.Wrestlers Fat Coaching System Phase #3- Pick Accessory ExercisesOnce you have your core workout(s) and derivatives picked to your wrestler weight training strategy, it is possible to then go on to selecting your accessory exercises. Accessory exercises are utilized within a power coaching program to provide quite a few benefits- improved performance, much better injuries prevention, much better muscular stability, and so on. Not each and every accessory exercising needs to directly simulate the core exercise. For example, there are many wonderful power coaching accessory workout routines for your lats/upper back to perform after you bench. Do the lats in fact offer guidance in the course of a bench press in that they assist you to press the bar? No. Even so, strong lats offer you with enhanced stability and assist to keep your shoulders in harmony from a muscular standpoint. Additionally, like a wrestler, making use of lots of hefty pulling bodyweight training workout routines will provide you with all the power to end far more takedowns and dominate more on top. Also, neglecting to function muscles around the opposite side with the entire body will result in imbalances and instabilities that will finally result in damage. So choosing accessory workout routines that may not right complement the core workout will bring about better long-term gains within your fat instruction for wrestling program. Here are some examples of suitable accessory exercises if the bench press is a single of your core exercises:

Dumbbell Bench Variations- flat, incline, floor, decline

Lat Exercises- pullups, pulldowns, distinct types of rows

YouTube Preview Image

Shoulder Exercises- overhead presses, different kinds of raises, internal/external rotations

Trap/Upper Back Exercises- shrugs, upright rows, face pulls

Tricep Exercises- pressdowns, extensions

Bicep Exercises- different sorts of curlsAs you can see not every one of the workout categories listed over will straight carryover to a bigger bench, however they will all play an aspect in your overall power teaching. As an example, although your biceps will not really move the fat whilst benching, curls support maintain correct balance around the elbow and may assist stop soreness connected with overdeveloped triceps and underdeveloped biceps. In addition, from a wrestling standpoint, incorporating curls into your power coaching for wrestling strategy can help enhanced your weighted chinup that will have you scoring much more takedowns. So while curls never right lead to an even bigger bench, they’ll assist to promote total elbow well being that will preserve you benching for lengthier intervals of time and off the damage reserve record which will also aid your additional improvement like a wrestler. Remember- you cannot get more powerful and better when you happen to be sitting around the sidelines.Wrestlers Fat Teaching Plan Step #4- Layout TemplateOnce you’ve got recognized and selected your physical exercises and anything which you strategy on doing work in to your wrestler excess weight teaching plan, it is possible to then style the template by itself. The template is going to present you with an outline for ones power training system and will permit you to add in and take out various workouts inside of a particular class so that you can continuously be generating adjustments without having missing a crucial part. Below can be a sample excess weight coaching for wrestling template employed for the increasing the bench press and overall size when you’re from period.Exercising #1- Bench Press or Derivative (5?5)Accessory Superset #1- Dumbbell Bench Variation and Lat Physical exercise (4?8)Accessory Superset #2- Shoulder Workout and Upper Back again Exercising (3?12)Accessory Superset #3- Tricep Exercise and Bicep Exercise (3?10-15)Sets and reps are fully dependent upon your power instruction for wrestling objectives. I set my recommendations in parenthesis but by no indicates are these set in stone. I are inclined to favor going heavier with fewer reps on core movements and multi-joint accessory movements having a target on developing power and energy.

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Types Of Communication In Communication Technology

By Robert A. Leggio Jr C.T.S

Mass media has expanded from end users to high-end business owners who are looking for ways to heighten the listening and audio experience.

It’s all in the presentation and digital technology in the boardroom is vital to the success of any business. Video walls with panoramic view are the new mainstream to board room solutions and allow virtual simulation with high resolution, which will make any marketing pitch a success.

With that being said, sound has evolved and understanding the effects of acoustics is why surround sound is the added dimension needed for a speaker system. The ultimate cinema experience is found in amplification. Control of how sound is dispersed and the amplitude is the key to the listening experience. High fidelity amplifiers are on the rise with plug-ins for audio devices as well.

More importantly, live streaming and consumer generated content has become the focus of attention in mass media. Audio digital recorders and players are in demand and allow for streaming of live events, which will prove to be conducive to professionals and end users alike. Any business can now transfer important coverage to their digital archives for future conferences or personal viewing.

YouTube Preview Image

Entrepreneurs, organizations and the general public are looking for ways to become more efficient and productive for their business and personal needs. Laptops and notebooks have also evolved and able to provide the flexibility of communication here and abroad with video conferencing and video on demand via Internet. Now that’s live.

Visual communications is the forefront and high performance document cameras are increasingly in demand because details are import for any media project. Indeed, we live in a world of 3-D and digital notebook cameras with USB ports provide versatility and quality imaging. For more technical imaging or applications there are also high end document cameras or scan cameras, used for courtroom settings or educational purposes. This camera is able to produce line-by-line imagery faster than interlaced cameras.

The telephone has also advanced to the forefront in data communications. Digital intercom systems along with VOIP are used globally. Technological advances now allow telephone and Internet to coincide converting analog to digital signals and compatible enough for intercom systems.

Cable modems and conductors serve their purpose but not always effective. Wireless communication is the true definition of telecommunications with the emergence of wireless extenders. This new technology allows signal transmission even through walls without losing resolutions.

Digital recording devices have come along way with products that print media to disc in a matter of seconds holding up to 50 disks in one session. High definition video is a useful tool to any professional in the broadcast industry. This offers the user portability and able to convert compressed audio and video into a MPEG stream that can be stored on a computer file.

The list goes on and on with communication technology, but these are just a few hints of what the future holds toward high end, state of the art communication devices. Businesses both big and small can hope to better their communication by taking advantage of the technology available to them. Communication is the tool which can truly help all businesses to grow.

About the Author: AVS Installations Robert Leggio has been an officer with several major audio visual companies since 1985. Having extensive audio equipment knowledge, Robert brings AVSI to an elite level with high standards.


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How To Choose Ottawa Real Estate Agents

Submitted by: Felix Richerd

The house buying procedure in Ottawa can be very puzzling and composite. Most people do find it supportive to appoint a Real Estate agent particularly because the seller usually pays the real estate agent’s commission. There is a lot of paperwork that they are very well-known with and it is second nature to Ottawa real estate agents that has been effective in the business and they done many dealings. There is much other stuff that will be transpiring at the same time and it can be very helpful to have someone that is paying attention on this so you can hold your normal day to day business. Beside tons of paperwork it is also good to have someone conduct other parts of the deal like scheduling checking, appraisals, and the mortgage procedure and requesting repairs. This is all AFTER you have found the house you want to buy as well Ottawa house rentals.

Finding your house and preparation schedules to see potential homes can be very time intense. Likely, the house that you are buying will be “listed” and the real estate agent you have appointed will have contact information and right to use to the most information about the home you are allowing for, not to mention the “know how” on talking the best contract for you and looking for facts about the house that you may overlook.

The Sellers Agent

YouTube Preview Image

One of the major reasons you would want to appoint your own Ottawa real estate agent is that the seller most likely has an agent of their own and you should have someone that is looking out for your top attention. A dual agency” which is when the same agent corresponds to both the purchaser and seller may previously have a strong relationship with the seller and may look out for their top importance, not yours. Not to state, the upper the sales price, the upper the commission and if you are using the sellers agent, they are receiving compensated for both ends of the deal. Some people are liable to believe if they use the selling agent it will save them money on bargaining a better contract by saving the seller from all those charges. Not true, they before now have an agreement with the seller and will basically be paid more for conduct both ends, it will NOT save you money, and any savings that would be negotiated will probable is the vendor s savings.

The process

Regardless if you use an Ottawa real estate agent or not, try to publicize yourself with the procedure and ask questions of your agent, that is why you appointed them in the first place. Have them explain you comparables in the area before making a tender and be sure to remain the lines of statement open so you know what is happening.

Choosing an Ottawa Real Estate Agent

Remember that your Ottawa real estate agent only requires paid when and if the contract closes, you are not out any money up front or if not. Ask your friends or family for an appointment of an Ottawa real estate agent they faith or meeting a couple of special agents. You are hiring somebody to grip one of the major transactions you will ever make so be sure not to mend on just anyone. There are always agents with different degrees of expertise, ability and understanding in real estate, find the best that fits your requirements.

CLV Group designed online Ottawa real estate service to be the most proficient approach to find houses for sale in Ottawa as well also source for apartment rentals in Ottawa. Our understanding of Ottawa homes or the investment property market makes us one of the finest places to contact when you’re belief of selling your house. The Ottawa home market offers an extensive range of neighborhoods, housing styles and lifestyles.

The requirements of the seller are handling with an idea of simple but exact goals. We will help you do the things to get that in the smallest days on the market. Working with a member of our Ottawa real estate agents you can wait for the fewest problems all through the marketing procedure of your home, condo or asset property here in Ottawa.

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 G: A True Winner

Submitted by: Chris Jacson

Samsung Galaxy S 4G is revamped version of Samsung Vibrant which is in the buzz still. The Galaxy S 4G is hyped by the excitement around the new 4G technology and Android 2.2. This Galaxy S is incorporated with a front-facing camera, 4-inch Super AMOLED screen, a 1GHz processor, 5 megapixel camera and 16GB internal storage and much more.

The phone is sassy, classy, and colorful. Due to its slim and sleek profile, it has constantly been in comparison with the enigmatic Apple iPhone. A 5 megapixel camera and 16GB built in memory along with 720p HD video recording are features enough to offer tough competition not only to iPhone, but also to the recent Blackberries and Motorola s.

It is truly worth for its price. Take a look at the some of its salient features:

Android 2.2, full HSPA+ connectivity that ll give 21+ Mbps speeds.

Samsung Galaxy S 4G is a sleek, light device with a well-contoured body

YouTube Preview Image

It fits in your pocket more systematically.

Its sliding USB port enclosure is found on high-end camcorders

The phone supports a panel of four touch-sensitive buttons (Menu, Home, Back, and Search). Vibrant relies solely on its screen to run the show.

The Samsung Vikrant s four-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen has an impressive 50,000:1 contrast ratio, ideal for watching movies and playing games.

Navigating through the page is also smooth and fast, and with the built-in accelerometer, the screen’s orientation changes from landscape to portrait and vice versa depending on the phone’s rotation.

The phone is DLNA enabled also has a camera, with its lens found at the back of the phone. This is one of the most sought out features especially for those who love to take videos (the camera also acts as a camcorder).

The Vibrant ensures a great experience for taking snapshots of memorable moments with 5MP rear camera.

Downloading is a breeze as the Vibrant also supports internet connections via its full HSPA+ connectivity options. Wireless connection is one of the most sought after features in every phone. Such wireless connectivity options include Bluetooth, WI-FI and GPS. Messaging options such as emailing and instant messaging are also made available.

The Vibrant is powered by a strong 1,650 mAh battery. It has great storage capacity with 1GB ROM and 512MB RAM memory coupled with 16GB micoSD card and expandable 32GB card.

It runs a 1GHz Hummingbird Cortex A8 processor for great speed and multi-tasking.

There are various portals that are offering the phone at extremely competitive prices. CellHub.com for instance has an excellent cell phone offer on the phone. The phone is priced only at $74.99, for new purchase which is a steal! And if you are an existing T-Mobile customer and due for upgrade then get it for just $129.99 which is also lowest in the market. So grab the cell phone offer of the phone and be a true winner!

Samsung Galaxy S 4G – http://www.cellhub.com/t-mobile-cell-phones/samsung-galaxy-s-4g-black.html

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Cell Phone Offers –




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Growing Mexican Sunflowers

Submitted by: Ryan J Bell

Everyone knows intuitively what a “normal” sunflower looks like. Tall and bright, they take on an almost majestic appearance by the time they’ve grown to full height. Mexican sunflowers are striking in the way they look, but many passersby would be surprised to discover that the plants are actually part of the sunflower line. They look different, they’re shorter, but they look no less regal than their taller brethren.

In this article, we’ll explore growing Mexican sunflowers (it’s scientific name is Tithonia rotundifolia). I’ll describe some of the traits that are exclusive to the breed as well as how to plant and care for them to encourage the best crop.

Their Appearance

They typically grow to a full height of only 5 feet. Some varieties have been known to reach 8 feet while others only reach 2 or 3. In most cases, the plant is relatively short when compared to a regular sunflower at twice the height. One of the reasons why people don’t realize that they’re part of the same breed is because they look completely different. Tithonia have heads that are only a few inches in diameter and they boast a deep orange-red color. Through cross-breeding, some varieties have been grown with yellow heads, though most growers prefer the distinctly sharp orange or vibrant red.

The leaves of the Mexican sunflower are usually coarse and reach a length between 6 and 8 inches. They’re green, shaped like a spade, and have a noticeable fuzz across their surface.

YouTube Preview Image

Traits Of The Breed

Tithonia love the sun and grow quickly under full exposure. They have 2 flowering seasons: one in the summer (from July to the middle of September) and one during the fall (from October through the end of November). When grown to harvest, they’ll only yield approximately 50 seeds, a tiny amount compared to the several hundred seeds produced by a regular sunflower. Most gardeners who grow them do so for their appearance rather than their seed yield.

How To Plant Them

Most varieties of Tithonia are extremely easy to grow as long as they have direct, plentiful access to sunlight. They’ll develop well in fertile soil that has been drained properly, but can also thrive in sites that haven’t been drained or offer less fertility. Like regular sunflowers, they’re resilient. That said, they should be planted after the last trace of frost has disappeared; while the plant can withstand arid or dry climates well, it can’t tolerate frost.

Also, it’s important to note that Tithonia are soil scavengers. Because they tend to scavenge the nutrients within the soil and grow outward, they should be planted approximately 3 feet apart. That will prevent them from cannibalizing the site.

How To Care For Them

Mexican sunflowers need plenty of water when they’re grown in extremely dry climates. However, take care not to drown them. They absorb water well and don’t need a constant supply. When you first plant them, you should water them daily. After a week, watering them every other day is sufficient. Also, consider using a compost or fertilizer mix, especially if the site in which they’re planted isn’t particularly fertile.

You may also want to mulch the soil around each plant and stake them once they’ve reached nearly a foot in height.

A Dazzling Display

Because this variety has such a vibrant color, it makes an ideal ornamental plant. When used within an outside garden, only a few are necessary to have a noticeable impact. When used in a bouquet of flowers, 1 or 2 heads in the middle can have an unparalleled intensity. Inside or out, in gardens or bouquets, Tithonia captures attention and makes an unforgettable impression.

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Theme Weddings At Exotic Locations To Drive The Wedding Planning Industry In India

Theme weddings at exotic locations to drive the Wedding Planning Industry in India



The report begins with an overview of the wedding industry in India giving its market size and growth as well as a clear segmentation on the different costs that constitute the total costs incurred in a wedding. This is followed by an overview of wedding planning industry describing the market and includes information regarding market size and growth. This is followed by a section wherein primary expenses in a wedding by any planner are provided. Additionally, the various stages involved in the management of such an event have also been highlighted.

An analysis of the drivers explains the factors for growth of the market including increase in disposable income, destination wedding, time constraint and convenience, and practice of re-marriage. India is an emerging country with people witnessing rise in disposable income. Primary notion of associating marriage as one of the most important event in one s life drives people to spend extravagantly on arrangements for the celebration. Such an occasion, for the elite, becomes an opportunity to showcase their wealth and prosperity while for the middle class it remains an event that at times compels them to go beyond their means. Increasing disposable income renders people to mark this grand event with luxurious celebrations. Wedding at exotic locations, far from the maddening crowd of the city has become a rage and is considered to be a significant driver. Destination weddings continue to increase as it allows the wedding to be unique. In this format of the event, a planner becomes imperative due to the lack of knowledge of the place at which the wedding will take place as well as towards streamlining the entire process. An Indian wedding needs a lot of time and effort towards planning and implementation. However, people in this day and age do not have the luxury to spend long stretches of time on organizing an event. Time constraint in people s lives becomes a chief driver for the wedding planning sector. Further, increase in the rate of divorces also leads to increase in business for wedding planning concerns since their business is dependent on the numbers of marriages organized. The sector is also facing certain challenges. Factors such as stringent Government regulations and unavailability of wedding seasons and dates pose as barriers for growth.

YouTube Preview Image

The major trends indentified in the market include theme wedding, online classified players diversifying into wedding planning, wedding planning online software and 3D presentation.

The competition section constitutes a competitive landscape of the players in the market which contains a snapshot of their corporate information and business highlights. Strategic recommendations for this market have also been provided.

Research On India (ROI) is Netscribes leading source for market intelligence on emerging sectors in India. Our topics provide a holistic view of an industry and are a spring board for entry strategies, private equity and venture capital investments, investor presentations and management discussions.

For more details on the content of the report and our services you can contact us at sales@researchonindia.com

Netscribes (India) Pvt. Ltd. launches a report on the

Wedding Planning Industry in India

2011 as part of Netscribes Business Services Report Series. Netscribes is a

Investment research firm

that supports Market Insights, Research & Analytics, Media & Publishing and Content Management. Netscribes services include Sales Insights, Market Intelligence, Social Media Insights, and Brand Surveillance for global clients.

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How To Make Homemade Carp And Catfish Baits Using Bait Flavours That Catch More Fish!

HOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE CARP and CATFISH BAITS – Using Bait Flavours That Catch More Fish!


Tim F. RichardsonIf you are looking for easy ways to improve your catches then flavours and their creative uses really need to be explored further but flavours are far more than just smells, tastes or labels but a whole world of different irresistible factors when used in combination in readymade or homemade baits! To maximise flavours to catch many more fish read on now!

If you think that flavours are nothing more than a smell they have really come a very long way and are incredibly diverse in effect, quality and fish-catching properties. Many flavours contain bioactive compounds, essential oils and their components plus other factors including metabolic stimulants of various kinds, and many other things besides that turn fish on in multiple ways on different levels. Some flavours attract fish to the proximity of your bait and other substances in your baits should ideally trigger strong reliable instinctive feeding responses. (Natural feeding triggers are a huge part of CC Moore bait design for instance like so many bait companies large and small.)

Not at all things about flavours used in modern carp fishing are anything to do with what we in human terms call smell or taste! Specifically-designed and carefully scientifically chosen fishing bait flavours offer many varied effects and impacts on fish these days; far more than the old fashioned solvent-based cake flavours for instance!

Solvent based flavours improve bait solubility. For instance glycerol and alcohol based flavours are hygroscopic which means they attract water into your bait. This produces a diffusion effect so that flavour and dissolved bait substances pump out of your bait so increasing the performance of your bait, and hydrating it more making it more digestible than drier un-hydrated baits yet to become water-packed.

Solvent based flavours also act to a great degree as solvents, although water is the greatest solvent of course, many flavours can to a degree help emulsify ingredients, additives, liquids and other elements of your baits so they pass out of your bait and into the water column more efficiently and even help make your baits that bit more digestible.

In one carp magazine a couple of years ago someone used a headline stating to the effect that flavours do not work! Some people have even said that flavours sell more anglers than catch fish. Flavours do more than just attract, or incite or even repel in some cases! Flavours do so much more in a bait when used in combination with many bait ingredients, extracts, liquids and so forth. They are like amino acids and enhancers they can add to, enhance and multiply the effects and impacts of all kinds of factors in baits as a whole!

To simply test a neat flavour in any concentration or pH of water in a tank of clean water using usually juvenile carp is extremely misleading – with endless variables not covered at all.

To state that in a range of tests that a certain flavour did nor stimulate feeding does not mean at all that that flavour cannot make a very big difference in a bait. Flavours are about so much more than triggering feeding. They can illicit a change in the behavioural modes of fish even if that happens to produce curiosity and stopping the fish from just carrying on doing whatever (as if your bait were not there at all!)

YouTube Preview Image

It s just the same when testing amino acid combinations in different pH water, different temperatures and so on in a tank. Think about it; natural lake water is alive with all kinds of micro-organisms, phytoplankton, zooplankton, and suspended particles and minerals and so on.

When you realise how extremely powerful fish senses really are in comparison to humans you tend to consider that almost anything, even inert plastic and rubber baits carry some kind of signal no matter how insignificant. Each and every ingredient and liquid in a bait has flavours even on the extremely finite scale so think about it! Carp can detect certain molecules in water down to as little as one part in a billion. In that way they are like sharks that are well known to detect just one drop of blood a mile or more away down current!

I say down current because one of greatest effects of flavours is to not only disperse quickly themselves in the water column, but also crucially assist the dispersal of other bait materials in solution, in suspension and so on which make it far easier and quicker for fish to detect your baits and get hooked faster!

I m not electrochemist or whatever but I do know that baits are very much about the passage of charged particles impacting upon variously evolved receptors, proteins, signalling pathways and brain receptors and so on. This leads to amino acid and hormone releases that directly cause changes in behaviour in us and in fish. It s like the old Bisto gravy advert where once you get a whiff of it carried in the air you instinctively want to follow the source or in the case of fish, the concentration gradient of that signal in the water, issuing forth from your baits!

Many many tricks and tips and sound scientific facts can improve your catches when it comes to flavours. For instance cutting a successful flavour with maybe another, or a liquid food, or sweetener or enhancers etc to give a bait a new signal when fish maybe are wising up but still want the nutrition within your bait s base mix. You can make your own flavour recipes very easily if you have the know-how. I find the ripening processes of fruit and flavour developments in meats, fermented fish, and cheeses and so on fascinating and very useful and effective when applied to homemade bait making!

You might cut a concentrated flavour with a liquid food, or syrup or sweetener, enhancer, natural soluble extract, oils plus a high potency high PC liquid emulsifier, and so on to boost effects and impacts on fish to make them even easier to catch! You can also do the opposite; i.e. cut a flavour so it is less recognisable and produce something new to get around carp wary of familiar over-used flavours.

One trick anyone can do is cut one solvent based flavour with others so for example you might make your own pineapple flavour using 3 different brands of pineapple flavour or Scopex flavour or chocolate malt flavour for example.

You might source some of your own special flavours that are not on familiar solvent bases at all but are natural and use these to mix with natural ester based flavours and perhaps an unusual solvent based flavour. Many flavours are natural extracts in an alcohol base, but you can easily make your own unique homemade versions with a little thought! My ebooks are filled with this stuff.

I m not against soaking baits in neat flavours and other substances. You might think this will put fish off. But it s all about context. Think about it. If you are fishing for many days, you can certainly put flavour-soaked free baits out to alert fish of their presence- very strongly! Then you can be crafty and not fish that area for a number of days, knowing that a good number of wary fish will creep back onto your baits when they have washed out and appear safe. This is the kind of thing I and countless others have been known to exploit.

You might consider that you can make extremely potent natural flavours with no solvent bases whatsoever. So many powdered ingredients and additives etc are soluble. But soluble does not just mean in water, but in a variety of other substances. For instance, you might make unusual flavours based on condensed milk totally packed full of added soluble milk fractions and extracts.

Another example could be hydrolysed casein liquid with liquid yeast concentrate with added enzyme-treated yeast and intense sweetener with liquid glucose and malt extract. You might want to use pre-digested fish, oleoresins, liquid lecithin, terpenes, Manuka honey and Talin.

You can even make baits that are flavoured with a weak flavour mixed with Molasses and Minamino for instance or anything maybe fresh liquidised crab or crab paste plus a crab flavour for instance, or real liquidised pineapple plus a pineapple flavour and liquid betaine for instance. I class betaine as a flavour, just like glycerine and honey or Marmite or Belachan in warm water in solution for instance.

On easier waters using flavour-soaked hook baits and free baits can significantly improve your catch rate. Think about it. Why do hook baits over-dosed with concentrated flavours at 1000 to 1 concentration or whatever incite fish to snap at baits or suck in baits; even going beyond the point of having their receptors in their lips burnt and resulting in hooked fish?

Concentrated flavours solvent-based flavours are extremely complex in not just their components but the entire diversity of their designs, properties and impacts on tastes and perceptions. Even if you sampled 10 different brands of pineapple or Scopex or strawberry you would find at least one or 2 that stand out from the rest. Flavours really are a matter of experimentation.

If you doubt this and just want to stick to the big brand names and labels that you have heard of previously then consider this; the big companies are not the only ones who use the services of professional flavorists and scientists in various fields to produce fishing bait flavours and additives and so on that are extremely potent in their effects. Many of the products from really small companies can be very advanced indeed and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them for your own testing.

It is very easy to test flavours. Just one way which is not very scientific but will show you instantly what works on any individual water is to soak your hook baits in 3 different brands of a flavour with the same name, such as banana, blue cheese, condensed milk or whatever, and fish each brand on a different rod for a period long enough to see if one flavour really out-fishes the others, then test the best against more flavours of the same name from different companies until you find an even better flavour. It works because I have done this many times over the years!

But the best bit is then you can play with the best flavours you can get even more creative and add effects to them that boost impacts on fish senses and physiology etc even more potently. It only takes a bit of reading of my ebooks to put this into practice but literally anyone can do this!

You will really benefit from using such variations of many kinds in applications varying from homemade boilies, shelf life and frozen boilies and homemade and readymade pastes, to readymade and homemade particle mixes and preparations, ground bait preparation, spod mixes, pellets, stick mixes, fake baits and even natural baits like CC Moore frozen mussels and bloodworm etc! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals and free videos right now!

By Tim Richardson.

Now why not seize this moment to improve your catches for life with this unique series:


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Ergo Chairs Can I Afford One?

Submitted by: Shandisw Thury

I had been searching for a long time to have an ergonomic chair that we could go with my incredibly small budget of one hundred and fifty Shekel, which is one hundred and fifty bucks for those you they like to not use slang. Anyhow I had been searching the net trying to find the proper chair to suit my budget and what did my wonder eyes stumble upon, but a review site that carefully browsed the net with a continual basis just to discover the absolute very cheap deals around on these expensive boogers. I reckon that the reality that I am trying to get across is ergonomic chairs, while incredibly great lying on your back, can be a huge drain on your own wallet. In reality to be able to purchase one I’d to begin up working another job, I already had a consistent part-time job on the library reading on current events and pointing individuals to the correct section if they arrived seeking twilight books. Sheesh, avoid getting me going on that series, its seriously like chick porn, but I digress, returning to things i was saying about the need to undertake one more job simply to supplement my income to afford this chair.

I was perfectly fine with my current cheap office chair which i acquired for basically an audio lesson in the local office depot. These folks were creating a sale and i also printed out an ejunkie coupon to travel combined with the sale, and following the coupons, sale and rebate the chair arrived being about 10 dollars. Yes, We are an incredible bargain hunter and my girlfriends actually call me cheap. Just what exactly, I shall be the main one laughing in the long run while i have a pile of free goodies and they are generally dropping mad coin to get a bottle of shampoo. Oh yeah, the chair, and so i understand this really cheap office chair and i also am absolutely pleased with it for about two months. Following your honeymoon amount of two months I start noticing two very odd things:

1) My back feels as though a sumo wrestler sat onto it for any week.

YouTube Preview Image

2) My neck was aching really badly so much that I had been getting headaches through the pain.

A few things i finished up doing was googling “can an inexpensive office chair injure?” then striking the enter key. The final results were crazy, suddenly there was 100’s of a large number of webpages all at length about instances when the grade of a chair directly impacted someone’s health. I became shocked as you would expect, therefore the more I kept reading I figured out how the only true solution was to change my chair, but as to the?

A better solution that 8 from ten people said was an ergonomic office chair. Upon in-depth analysis I made the decision that I would have to purchase one and since that time I’ve not looked back. Besides my back feel much better but I’m in a position to work with 36 hour periods during a period. Also sometimes I am capable of fly around my office for the super glider roller wheels. That’s it friends, if you have back pains from a cheap office chair it’s once again time to produce the switch the signal from an actual chair, an ergonomic one!

Home Office Chai

Best Ergonomic Office Chair

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I Pad Subterfuge (Or, How To Convince Your Husband To Buy You An I Pad)

By Barbara Mae

Ladies: don’t over-think this one. Men are not the most complex creatures in the world. In fact, it’s quite possible that the entirety of this column could be a single word, but that would be a much too crass approach. If you’re angling to buy a new iPad, but just need to get the go-ahead from your other half, then keep it simple, visual, and physical – just like the iPad itself. Follow these tips for convincing your man you need an iPad and you shouldn’t have any problems closing the deal:

1. Men are more visual than women. Show him what the iPad can show him. This might take a little Photoshop work: Find a standard iPad ad. Replace what’s on the big sharp 9.7″ screen with whatever he’d most like to see on the big sharp 9.7″ screen – let’s say that’s golf. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Golf.

2. Men are less verbal than women. While you’re working him on the fine points of iPad ownership, be sure to explain the one big difference between the iPad and the iPhone – there’s no phone in it! Don’t take this personally, ladies. No doubt he yearns for the sound of your voice like the inland sea longs for the eons-vanished kiss of the ocean surf. But a little bit of the sound of any voice not announcing a sporting contest goes a very, very long way. “Oh no – I’ll have it with me all the time, just like the iPhone… but I won’t be able to talk!”

YouTube Preview Image

3. Pick the Apps You “Need” Carefully. Men – even your mild-mannered, considerate, modern man – like to believe they are the center of the universe. Not just your universe, although that is a subset, but the universe. This does not mean you can convince your man by talking about star-charting apps. It means you can convince him by raving about how cool the iPad is with world-conquest games like Civilization and games with nuclear weapons like iShoot. Also, forget about that “way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” thing. It’s not. Men will eat a hot dog that fell under the fridge up to a month later. Find a bartending app like Coffee Table Cocktails, and rave about how all the ingredients are in such big type you can even make a drink after you’ve already had eight.

4. Productivity, productivity, productivity. Deep down, men long for the days when a woman would make all the meals, do all the shopping, look amazing, maintain a girlish figure after giving birth a dozen times, and wear high heels and a French maid outfit while cleaning. Never mind that no one woman ever could or would actually do all these things. Husbands still like to long for them.

So make a big show out of how hard it is to fulfill his infantile fantasies while shopping on that teentsy weentsy iPhone – “I can’t even tell if this French maid outfit has a feather duster! Hmmph!” You don’t think he’ll buy it? He actually makes believe that women are named Caramel and Bambi, and enjoy climbing up and sliding down metal poles. He’ll buy it.

5. “Size Matters.” It’s cruel and it’s primitive, but men are psychologically incapable of sticking with something smaller when it is pointed out that they can have something larger. “But if you’re okay with 3.5 inches, I really don’t need 9.7″, honey… size doesn’t really matter” – FTW!

About the Author: Find reviews on the best ipad apps for business or pleasure at AppCraver.com, a website dedicated to iPad app reviews, as well as iPhone and iPod touch devices.

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