Buying Furniture Online Sift Grain From The Chaff}

Buying Furniture Online Sift Grain From The Chaff



The present generation is privileged to have born in the times when technology is launching itself into the unimaginable realms of human life. What seemed impossible a few years back is getting really feasible in the cyberspace. Who would have thought that a small 15-inch screen with some machinery could one day become a one-stop shop for almost all the human needs?

Electronic Commerce, facilitated through secure web portals, has changed the entire complexion of business transactions. We are increasingly witnessing a surge in the number of buyers preferring the online route. The homemakers are also tired of visiting the nearest market place for their daily chores. Even the long-term assets like furniture are readily available with major retail stores showing their glowing online presence.

Your furniture needs are best understood by you alone. Whether you want the class of Amish Handcrafted furniture or the toughness of wrought iron furniture, online furniture stores can provide you all. No doubt shopping from the cozy comforts of home has made life convenient but save yourself from indiscretion while buying furniture online.

The foremost consideration before buying furniture is the cost factor. The economics of your shopping bear a strong impression on the choice of furniture. A higher budget can land you the popular Amish furniture but if you are not prepared to spend more, modular furniture may be your calling. You can save precious dollars buying Amish furniture online. However, before finalizing the deal, some other factors need to be accounted for.

The credentials of the online dealer must be verified by a simple search on the Internet. It is important you deal with an honest and reputable furniture dealer who can guarantee a safe and trustworthy transaction. If you are planning to buy furniture from sites like eBay, make sure the seller has a consistently positive feedback. The mode of delivery and mode of payment must be clarified before closing the deal. There should be no doubt between the parties as to who will pay the shipping and handling charges.

If the seller happens to be a dedicated furniture online retail store, make sure the furniture as seen in the picture is delivered at your doorsteps. Window-dressing of the furniture items is fairly common with online retailers. Moreover, furniture may be damaged during shipping. If possible, ask the dealer if he is fine with payment on satisfied delivery. A reputable dealer will never hesitate in acceding to such a request if you show adequate interest in buying the furniture.

The dimension of online furniture is another important proposition before you buy it. Its no point looking for furniture that wont even cross the boundaries of your door! The best way out is to have the dimensions of your rooms, doors and windows ready before negotiating the price of furniture. You must be sure of the style and size of the furniture that would fit and suit into your living place and give you a happy feeling.

The risk factor of buying furniture online cannot be ignored. But youll agree that there is always an element of risk in every purchase, be it online or offline. A cautious but certain approach online can provide you with the furniture of your choice.

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Buying Furniture Online Sift Grain From The Chaff }

Get Attractive Foldable Crates In Wholesale}

Get attractive foldable crates in wholesale



Today, collapsible plastic crates are being widely used by many shopkeepers for storing products and transportation. Many agriculture farmers or people associated with industries use them to transport their products, raw materials, Today, collapsible plastic crates are being widely used by many shopkeepers for storing products and transportation. Many agriculture farmers or people associated with industries use them to transport their products, raw materials, farm products, etc, from one place to another. They have many advantages and make storage and transportation of products easier.

In this technological world, a large number of devices have developed with new technology. In these devices certain products have been developed that can hold numerous items at once. Among the several storage items, a product called crate is developed that can be folded when not in use. As we are living in technological era, so manufacturers are developing those products that are satisfying the demands of the customers and make them comfortable. By keeping this view in mind manufacturers have made the plastic crates so that a user can store the large number of products into it. Are you preparing to buy a large foldable container?

Today there are many online stores available like,, etc. These are some websites that allows purchasing of collapsible storage crates according to your choice of color, size and design.

Where else we buy crates?

If you want to buy a product for holding of large variety of products in bulk quantity, then large foldable container is the best choice for you. In present scenario, there is a peek demand of these containers in the market. In the previous days, many industries faced the problems of storing bulk items and move that items to other far locations. To solve these types of problems, manufacturers made the good quality collapsible storage crates. To buy the crates, you just have to visit the websites of the manufacturers which you will find from a click searching. You can check the details of the company, then after satisfying yourselves, you can place order instantly. The companies provide shipping facility also so that you may not worry about the transportation of product.

Benefits of buying foldable crates

How could foldable collapsible storage crates help me? It is a question asked by many new product sellers and shopkeepers. Here are many benefits and uses of such crates which will let people know about the benefits of buying foldable crates for storage:-

Proper arrangement of things is possible with these crates.

These containers are highly durable and are made from eco friendly plastic which makes them suitable for nature.

They are light in weight as compared to traditionally used wooden boxes.

Easy transportation of goods is possible with this product.

They are beneficial for shopkeepers to organize their products, keep them arranged and display them neatly to their customers in shops.

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Ex-head of Qantas freight operations in US jailed for price fixing

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bruce McCaffrey, who was formerly the vice-president in charge of freight operations in the United States for Australian flag carrier Qantas, has been sentenced to eight months imprisonment and fined US$21,000 by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) for his involvement in a major air cargo price fixing cartel.

McCaffrey is one of six past and present employees of the airline who have been charged over the arrangement, which is thought to have run for six years starting in 2000. He is also the first individual to be sentenced regarding the cartel. He, as well as Stephen Cleary, group general manager for freight in Sydney, Harold Pang, general manager for freight sales in Singapore, Peter Frampton, former group general manager for freight, John Cooper former general manager for freight sales and Desmond Church, a former freight employee, were all charged after being exempt from immunity granted in a plea bargain by Qantas in which the airline paid a US$61 million fine.

In Australia price fixing is not actually a criminal offense, so former head of freight Peter Frampton and three other staff members in Australia will not be extradited to face charges. Meanwhile, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is seeking admittances of guilt from airlines whose operations fall under its jurisdiction in exchange for lighter penalties. Qantas is amongst those airlines.

The cartel, which prevented competition in air freight shipments rates, is said to involve almost thirty airlines. As well as Qantas, Japan Airlines, British Airways, Korean Air and Lufthansa have all had their involvement confirmed. Whistleblower Lufthansa, a German airline, was granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for exposing the operation. In August, British Airways and Korean Air pled guilty to their involvement and received fines of US$300 million each. Last month Japan Airlines also admitted to their role and paid a US$110 million fine. Amongst the others alleged to be involved are Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific. Hundreds of Australian businesses are involved in a class action suit against these seven airlines for AU$200 million that they believe was unfairly charged to them as a result of criminal activity.

McCarthy, who ran Qantas’s Australia-US cargo route for twenty years, entered a plea bargain with the authorities. Under the US Sherman Act he could have faced up to a US$1.06 million fine and up to 10 years imprisonment, but the DoJ says that the maximum fine could actually be double the gain from the offences committed or double the loss of those victimised if either were found to be higher than the normal maximum. According to the case, he was involved with “meetings, conversations and communications in the US and elsewhere to discuss the cargo rates to be charged on certain routes to and from the US”.

In light of the news, shares in Qantas fell 3¢ to AU$3.41.

Bus crash in Victoria, Australia injures twenty, some critical

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A bus crash in Victoria, Australia has injured at least 20 people, two of whom are listed as critical. One victim is reported to be still trapped in the wreckage.

The accident occurred between a bus and a semi-trailer on the Princes Highway in the Traralgon area around 10:50am AEST. The La Trobe Valley Busliner bus was traveling east when it collided with the back of a heavy haulage truck.

Those critically injured are being airlifted to a hospital in Melbourne. Others are being transported by Ambulance to La Trobe Valley Hospital in Traralgon.

SES crews are on scene, along with St. John Ambulance and fire crews.

The eastbound lanes of the highway have been blocked by police and traffic is being diverted.

Training Boxer Puppies}

Training Boxer Puppies


Jason Rusch

This very popular breed first originated during the late 1800s in Germany. It has been said that the name “boxer” came from the box in motion that this breed often performed with their front paws. Boxers have a formidable body being medium in size and stocky along with some strong set of jaws. you’ll often find this breed working in various capacities like police, rescue and military work. They offer a loyal, strong and active demeanor. They usually are loving, nice and intelligent dog companions.

In regards to boxer puppy training, you’ll find your own boxer to be insightful, clever and fast to learn. For this size of dog, puppy obedience training is very necessary. They definitely require a calm assertive dominant person as their owner. As with all dogs, they generally do not respond well to treatment that is harsh. Again with this breed, they respond well to being firm, fair and consistent. Boxers perform well within competitive obedience competitions while also loving to engage in tricks.

Like most other dogs for the ages up to 21 days, the boxer puppy simply has not much capacity to do anything except for sleeping, eating and enjoying a little playtime. During this age they will find it easy to go to the bathroom almost any place. Eventually, they will search for other places farther from their living quarters to do their elimination. During this time of their age, the boxer puppy will have the capacity to be introduced to other new experiences like crate training.

YouTube Preview Image

For example, it should definitely be possible to train your boxer puppy to “sit” on command at this age. Other simple commands like “come” should also be possible. Dogs of all ages like to be challenged in various capacities so a boxer puppy will undoubtedly enjoy this experience to not only learn but also bond with his human companions.

Whether it be training your boxer puppy or some other type of dog, it is always good to stay within some basic guidelines for teaching. It is important for the whole household to know and understand these guidelines so that your puppy will learn quicker and not be confused. While understanding this, remember that your boxer puppy will learn constantly and not only in formal training sessions with you. Therefore, keep in mind that your puppy will take everything in that he experiences.

Consistency will be key in order for your boxer puppy to learn quickly. Being consistent should be taken into account in all situations with your actions and/or words. For example, don’t say the command “sit” one time and then the next time say something like “sit down” when looking for the same response from your puppy. Consistency means using the same word for a command each and every time. That also means everyone in the family uses the same word for a particular command. Also, don’t let your dog hear your command and respond by ignoring you. You will have to make sure that he knows this command has a certain meaning. In order for him to properly respond to a command, you have to make sure he responds consistently. If he does not, you simply have to make it happen.

Don’t ever punish your boxer puppy in order for him to do something you want. All dogs including boxers respond to praise and rewards 100 times better. Punishment while also make them sour on the idea of training sessions.

When giving training sessions to your new puppy, try to keep the time short when they are younger. As they do get older, you’ll find their attention span to the better. The minute your puppy seems to be not interested, and your training session to carry on later.

Continually use patience and confidence when in training sessions and out with respect to your new boxer. This demeanor gives a sense of calm assertiveness that depicts you as a pack leader for your new puppy. Dogs respond to pack leaders that is why you need to reflect that persona.

Another good idea to think about or basic guidelines will be simplicity. In your training sessions make sure that all things can be seen as simple from your puppy’s point of view. Remember to never use commands within sentences but only by themselves. When a command is said together with other words, dogs will either be confused by this or simply not understand what you want to say. therefore, if the command is “come” do not add any words to that like “come here”.

Timing will be very important when it comes to teaching your puppy. Right after a command is voiced, boxer puppy should respond immediately and not moments later. He also needs to respond after hearing the command once and not multiple times. If he gets used to hearing the command multiple times then he will likely respond after he hears that command a certain amount of times.

Getting your new boxer puppy to learn various things will definitely be an enjoyable experience for him and you. Never communicate with your puppy from a demeanor of anger since your puppy will not respond well. Remember that they continually want to please their master or pack leader. A good happy teaching session with your puppy will be a much more effective training experience that he will want to repeat many times.

Do you want to know more about training boxer puppies? If so you will need some basic training tips to get you started. Save your time and energy searching the internet looking for magical solutions and check out my 5 essential training tips.


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Training Boxer Puppies


Kerik nominated as U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

Thursday, December 2, 2004

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. President George W. Bush nominated Bernard B. Kerik, the police commissioner of the New York Police Department during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, to succeed Tom Ridge as the Secretary of Homeland Security.

Kerik resigned as police commissioner two months following the terrorist attacks, citing the desire to spend more time with his family, but has since kept a very high profile. Following the invasion of Iraq, he chose to lead the training of Iraqi law enforcement. He campaigned for President George W. Bush in the 2004 presidential election and delivered a prime time speech at the Republican National Convention.

Among other security qualifications, he has served in the U.S. Army, as narcotics detective in the NYPD and as private security worker in Saudi Arabia.

Kerik faces the daunting task of running the DHS, an agency assembled from 22 other agencies with over 180,000 employees.

Broward County Sheriff’s police dog killed in shootout in Florida

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A man shot and killed a Broward County Sheriff’s Office police dog in Miami Beach after a two-county chase in Florida early Thursday morning.

The shooter, Delvin Lewis, 27, was firing shots at his girlfriend during a domestic dispute in Oakland Park. When police arrived, the suspect got into his car and fled, engaging roughly 20 cruisers in a 30-mile chase which ended near Mount Sinai Medical Center’s emergency room in Miami Beach. An exchange of gunfire followed in which Lewis reportedly killed the dog. ER doctors tried to save the animal but it was too late.

The shooter was also struck and has been taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital where he remains with no life threatening injuries.

According to a Mount Sinai spokeswoman hospital facilities are now accessible after the authorities locked down the area for three hours following the shooting.

Lewis has been arrested 26 times by Florida authorities including one in July 2003 in which he injured a police dog striking him repeatedly on the head with a cellphone. The suspect has been charged with aggravated assault with a motor vehicle on a law enforcement officer, aggravated fleeing and eluding, resisting an officer with violence and principal in the death of a police dog.

Hitting a police dog is a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in jail, while killing a police officer is a capital offense which can lead to the death penalty.

Miami-Dade Police Department is handling the investigation which involves Broward Sheriff Office and Miami Beach police.

Lewis has been in and out of jail since 2000 and had been arrested for domestic battery in 2000 and 2004, when he beat a pregnant woman.

The dog, whose name was Oozi, was a 7-1/2 years old Belgian Malinois assigned to BSO’s Cooper City district. He was trained in narcotics and helped in hundreds of arrests in his career, including 35 this year.

Oozi and his partner, Deputy Gerald Wengert, were named BSO’s Employees of the month in May for their role in the apprehension of three burglary suspects.