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Submitted by: Creztor Tessel

Are you looking for information on how to bypass Craigslist phone verification? Phone verified accounts, or PVA, are now required in all of the services section and depending on the kind of IP you are using possibly every other section on Craigslist. The need for phone verified accounts is currently only limited to North America. This is because Craigslist USA is the main Craigslist classified site that gets the most amount of traffic. For anyone wanting to boost their business it makes sense that they should be posting on Craigslist USA to tap into this potential flood of traffic. The obvious question is how can you bypass phone verification? Is it even possible to get around the need for PVA or is it a complete waste of time?

In order to understand what you can do to bypass the need for PVA, you really need to first have a solid understanding of where and why verified accounts are required. Phone verified accounts are by default required in the services section. There is absolutely nothing you can do to bypass the need for PVA in this area. The services section is the only place small businesses are allowed to place ads on Craigslist. A quick look through this section will reveal that 99.9% of the ads are indeed business related and this is where you should be posting if you are a business or service provider. However, it is impossible to post in the services section without using an account that you have created and verified using a phone number. For anyone looking to bypass the need for PVA but wants to post in services, there is nothing you can do. Your only solution is to use PVA for Craigslist.

Is there no way that phone verification can be bypassed? Yes and no. Beside the services section, every other section on Craigslist can require a PVA and can also not require one. How does Craigslist make the decision if you need or don’t need a PVA in order to post? Craigslist determines if you need a PVA from your IP and nothing more. Everytime you post an ad on Craigslist the IP you used is logged. The more ads you post the more times that IP is logged. This eventually leads to flagging or blacklisting. Some IPs are flagged and when this happens the only way you can continue to post is by using phone verified accounts, even if you aren’t posting in the services section. The way to bypass this form of verification is to get fresh IPs. Fresh IPs are any IPs that aren’t already in the Craigslist flagged IP system.

Bypassing phone verification on Craigslist isn’t as simple as some would like. If you post in the services section then there is nothing you can do to bypass it and you will need to get phone verified or pva for Craigslist to place ads. If you post in other sections then the best thing you can do is try and get fresh IPs that aren’t already flagged.

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380 million year old fossilized trees found in New York, USA

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Two fossilized trees with their roots, trunks and heads still attached, and are said to be over 380 million years old, have been found in the state of New York inside a rock quarry near Gilboa, New York in the USA.

Researchers call the extinct tree a Wattieza and this particular tree stood over 30 feet tall and used spores to reproduce rather than seeds. It may have even looked like many palms trees that exist today, but did not have any leaves. Instead they had fronds much like a fern.

“These were very big trees. Our reconstruction shows them to be a lot longer and much more treelike than any of the reconstructions before. I don’t think any of us dared think of them being quite that big,” said paleobotanist at the State University of New York at Binghamton, and one of the researchers who studied the tree, William Stein.

Over 130 years ago in 1870, the same kind of trees, but only the stumps, were also found in Gilboa after flood waters caused the stumps to be exposed. A few decades later in the 1920s, another set of stumps were found in the same area.

In 2004, the researchers found a top to one of the trees that weighed almost 400 pounds not too far from Gilboa.

Researchers say that these trees likely shaped the forests of Earth as we see them today, and that the trees existed long before dinosaurs were roaming the planet.

“In forming the first forests, they must have really changed the Earth system as a whole, creating new types of micro-environments for smaller plants and insects, storing large amounts of carbon and binding the soil together. The rise of forests removed a lot of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This caused temperatures to drop and the planet became very similar to its present-day conditions,” said the leader of the research team, Christopher Berry.

Wattiezas were most common during the Devonian period and existed on the planet before fish evolved sufficiently to leave the seas.

Cargo plane crashes in Alaska’s Denali Park, sparks wildfire

Monday, August 2, 2010

A cargo plane crashed into a mountain Sunday afternoon in Alaska’s Denali National Park, killing around three people and sparking a small wildfire after the aircraft disintegrated and burst into flames. According to the National Park Service, the plane crashed into the southern slope of Mount Healy, and the crash was just 200 yards away from Denali’s only road.

Though it is estimated that three people died in the crash, it has been hard to determine exactly how many died as “the plane pretty much disintegrated,” park spokeswoman Kris Fister said. The explosion from the crash sparked a small wildfire that firefighters contained within two acres (one hectare.)

Though George Clare, a man from Las Vegas who witnessed the crash, thought the plane looked like a military aircraft, US military officials have stated that none of their planes were involved. Clare has said that the plane was “… a military khaki green kind of color. It was propeller-driven. It was a fixed wing aircraft and it had kind of a flat underbelly.” The Federal Aviation Administration, which tracks civil flying accidents, later circulated a report that identified the aircraft as a Fairchild C-123K, and echoed the initial reports that all three on board died, including one passenger.

Jeff Kowalczyk, an EMT hiking through the 6,075,107 acre park with his wife, a nurse, said that he saw the plane positioned almost upside-down as it crashed. The crash was only a few hundred yards from where he was watching, and he also said “the whole experience was really surreal.”

The crash came just four days after another major airplane crash in the state, when a military cargo plane crashed a minute after taking off at the Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage. The crash killed four people onboard who were training for an airshow.

Adult Adhd: The Magic Egg Timer Trick

By Tellman Knudson

For people with Adult ADHD, focusing long enough to get even a small task done–if it is boring–can seem almost impossible! Heres what I do when I have to focus on something that I really don’t like to do, especially sitting at my desk.

Adult ADHD makes it hard to try to sit still and do something–but now and then you just have to. Here’s a couple tricks I’ve learned to get boring tasks done.

First, when I come in and get started, I’ve trained myself to immediately have a certain pattern of activity that happens. My brain automatically associates that pattern of activity with, “Now we’re going to sit down and do something.”

Its simply a habit. If you have Adult ADHD try this sometime you have to do paperwork or organize something:

What I do is I come in and I have two candles that I light. I have a certain kind of music that I listen to, classical music. I turn that on. I turn on a little water fountain. It is important for people with Adult ADHD to make sure to engage all the senses, it really helps because it keeps the Adult ADHD brain active and able to focus.

Whenever I do that sequence, I can sit down for a short period, not forever, but for a short period, and actually get something done that I don’t like to do.

YouTube Preview Image

I can organize a pile, or try to prioritize something, or something that might be hard as well. Another advantage to getting all those senses involved is the brain is at least doing something else and not focusing on being bored.

Theres nothing worse for the Adult ADHD brain than focusing on how bored you are.

There is second method that I use, and that is to set a self-imposed deadline.

Often people with Adult ADHD say they work best “under pressure” when they have a deadline–and some people with Adult ADHD even say they can’t get anything done at all if they don’t have a deadline. What happens to Adult ADHD people in that case is, they perform well at work (where deadlines are imposed) but things fall apart at home.

So here’s the other trick I’ve learned, using an egg timer. See if you can do this. Make it like a game. “Hey, lets see if I can get through this pile in 15 minutes. I’ll set a timer” This is one of the best tricks for us people with Adult ADHD.

I have two egg timers around my house and I use them all the time. I test myself. “Lets see if I can file this pile of paper in 10 minutes.” I set the timer and go. Now, we’ve just invoked the real kicker: to focus. It works like a charm.

So, you’re kicking it into high gear, working on mea-speed, and most of the time it works, but what if…you don’t finish it in 10 minutes? Then what?

Well, then I look at that and say, “Do I want to go for another 10, or do I want to do this later?” Thats what I do.

Either way, I got a whole bunch done in 10 minutes that wouldn’t have been done otherwise.

That brings me to one more thing people with Adult ADHD will benefit from doing. We’re so forward thinking that we’re always onto the next thing, and the next thing. Those with Adult ADHD tend not to look at what they do accomplish and feel good about it.

If you take a moment to say, “Look what I just did in 10 minutes,” and actually reflect on, “Hey, I got something done,” versus going through to the next thing immediately, you’ll feel a lot more motivation on a continuing basis.

If you’d like to get more great tips for how to focus with Adult ADHD, using common things you find in your everyday environment, see below!

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‘Handkerchiefs in the air’: Bicentennial celebrations in Pichilemu, Chile

Monday, September 20, 2010

An event attended by thousands of people, called “Handkerchiefs in the air” (Spanish: Pañuelos al Aire), took place on Monday morning at Pichilemu, in Daniel Ortúzar Avenue. The event was organized by Loreto Puebla, former Governor of {{w|Cardenal Caro Province||, coordinated with Mayor of Pichilemu Roberto Córdova Carreño.

Fernando Urzúa, who also works as newsreader on a local radio, conducted the event. The event was broadcasted by Radio Somos Pichilemu (We Are Pichilemu), owned by former Mayor Jorge Vargas González, who also attended the event.

The event started by giving handkerchiefs with the logo pictured at the left to all the attendants, at around 11:40 local time (15:40 UTC). Then, they proceeded to take the official photograph, which will be officially published on the website of the Municipality of Pichilemu on Tuesday.

Urzúa, and two Pichileminian folk music groups played several cuecas, Chile’s national dance, and people were invited to dance. The event ended with the Mayor Córdova giving diplomas and Chilean wine bottles to large families who were dancing, a group of elderly from Recoleta and two policemen of Pichilemu. The parish priest of Pichilemu said that “the celebrations were quite stupendous” and that “Pichilemu is an example of unity of the people.”

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People wave their handkerchiefs for the official photo.Image: Diego Grez.

People, and huasos also danced Chile’s national dance, the Cueca, using the handkerchiefs.Image: Diego Grez.

People dancing cueca, from another view.Image: Diego Grez.

Roberto Córdova, Mayor of Pichilemu, also danced on the event.Image: Diego Grez.

New Zealand government denies financial assistance for Overlander

Monday, September 25, 2006

The New Zealand government today has announced that they will not provide financial assistance to the Overlander train service between Auckland and Wellington, which is set to stop service on September 30, if no assistance is forthcoming. ONTRACK will retain the North Island main trunk line, while looking for tourism operators to start a tourist rail service.

Trevor Mallard, acting Finance Minister, said: “In making this decision… Cabinet recognised that there was no prospect of the current Overlander service becoming commercially viable. It was not a fuel-efficient operation and at an average passenger rate of 50 passengers each way per day, it was used by relatively few people.”

It is cheaper and faster to travel either by bus or plane rather than the 12-hour train journey. “The fares already overlap with airfares, and the reality is that the service is just not well-used. It can not compete with low-priced air travel and coaches. Cabinet considered the regional implications of ceasing the Overlander service and accepted that the current bus services run by the InterCity Group met the needs of those communities,” Mallard said.

There has been numerous petitions from the public and from the Green Party of New Zealand to continue the Overlander train service, including one petition signed by 16,000 people presented at the Parliament Buildings on September 14, 2006. “While there have been a number of propositions about retaining the Overlander service, all of the propositions would require government funding in one form or another,” said Mallard.

Mallard said that the government will only support rail services if it significantly benefitted the community.

The Government estimates that financial assistance to the Overlander train service would cost NZ$1.75 million a year.

“Finally, the government does recognise and value the importance of a viable and efficient rail network in New Zealand’s transport infrastructure. This was a critical factor in the government’s decision to buy the rail network back from Tranz Rail. The government has also committed $200 million to upgrade the national rail network between 2004/05 and 2007/08. A further $600 million has been provided to upgrade the Auckland rail network between 2005/06 and 2009/10.”

200 candles: Chileans celebrate country’s Bicentennial

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chile is celebrating its Bicentennial, with several events that have been organized by the government for almost a decade. It commemorates two hundred years since the First Government Junta of 1810 was formed, starting the Independence process, that ended in 1818 after Bernardo O’Higgins proclaimed it.

The Bicentennial takes place on a holiday from September 17th until 21st. Sebastián Piñera inaugurated the official fondas (places where typical food and drinks of Chile are sold; similar to a tavern) earlier on Friday. Piñera also danced a “pie” of Cueca, Chile’s national dance, with Government Spokeswoman Ena Von Baer.

More than 60 thousand people gathered on Plaza de la Ciudadanía (Citizen’s Square) in Santiago to celebrate the Bicentennial. There was a projection of historical images that also contained a message from the trapped miners in Copiapó. A giant flag of Chile (18 meters of height, 27 of width; weighing 200 kilograms) was raised on the square on Friday morning.

Celebrations of the Bicentennial in Pichilemu started earlier this month. On September 2, two thousand people lined up in a formation to create the message “Viva Chile Bicentenario Cardenal Caro” on Pichilemu beach “Las Terrazas”. The message was used to create a postal stamp to be released worldwide. The event was promoted by the Government of Cardenal Caro Province.

Private schools in the city, such as Colegio Preciosa Sangre, prepared events specially for their students. On Thursday, “Fonda Don Vicente Nario” was opened on Preciosa Sangre. Several games were performed there on that morning, including “el emboque”, “ponerle la cola al burro” (to put the tail to the donkey), and others.

Another event on Preciosa Sangre took place on Thursday night, when students recreated scenes of the History of Chile, including: a tertulia featuring Manuel Montt (starred by Luis Rojas); a chingana (a popular tavern); and selected colonial professions, such as the “motero” (person who sold motemei and chestnuts).

The official fonda of Pichilemu, La Bombonera, was inaugurated on Thursday night by Mayor Roberto Córdova, who danced cueca with people who attended the event. According to Córdova, at least 30,000 people have arrived at Pichilemu as of Friday, and it is estimated that another 30,000 will arrive during the next three days.

A great event took place on Pichilemu beach on Friday afternoon. Chilean typical games highlighted the event. People danced reggaeton, Américo’s cumbias and cuecas, while others were swimming. The National Shoe Fair (Feria Nacional del Calzado) was established on Agustín Ross Hotel on Thursday, and will stay in the town until September 23rd. Alicia Grez, who works on a kiosk in the Pichileminian Craft Fair located in front of One Discotheque, said that “sales have been excellent,” and that “[they] won’t miss the possibility to experience such an event like this.”

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File:Parque bicentenario.JPG

Postcard released by the Chilean Government in 1910. At the top, from left to right: José Miguel Carrera, José de San Martín, Bernardo O’Higgins, Lord Thomas Cochrane, and Manuel Rodríguez. At the bottom, from left to right: Manuel Vicuña, Manuel Blanco Encalada, José Manuel Balmaceda and Pedro Montt.

Official poster of the Centennial of Chile.

Official plans for the Centennial of Chile, in 1910. Pedro Montt is pictured at the top, and Bernardo O’Higgins at the bottom.Image: Memoria Chilena.

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RIA Novosti celebrates 70th anniversary, uploads 100 images to Wikimedia Commons

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Celebrating their 70th anniversary, news agency RIA Novosti, along with the Russian chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, have started the ‘Eternal Values’ project. This project includes the release of images from RIA‘s archive to the public under free licenses.

During the first phase, one hundred World War II-time photos were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons share alike license. The license allows the images to be freely used, including within the commercial industry without a fee and allows for creations of derivative works provided any resulting work is redistributed under the same license and properly attributed to its author. The project is supported by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who uploaded one of the images to Wikimedia Commons himself.

Medvedev participated in the anniversary ceremony and personally congratulated the agency. He uploaded the 100th image to Commons. Earlier Medvedev supported Wikimedia Russia’s position on the need for changes in Russian legislation in order to make free licenses perfectly legal and to allow freedom of panorama in the country.

This event is part of Wikimedia Russia’s goal to “share knowledge, eliminate the digital divide and increase the availability of historical and cultural value for society.” Due to similar projects in other countries, German Bundesarchiv released 100,000 historic images under a free license and Queensland State Library released 50,000 images.

Black boxes retrieved from lost Indonesian airliner after eight months

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eight months after the January 1st crash of Adam Air Flight 574 into Indonesian waters, the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) and flight data recorder (FDR) have been retrieved from the wreckage.

The devices, collectively referred to as ‘black boxes’, had remained unrecovered over a dispute between the Indonesian government and the airline over who would bear the costs of salvage.

Only recently has a contract been signed with United States salvage firm Phoenix International, who arrived last week in Indonesia to receive the recorders, working co-operatively with the Indonesian Transport Safety Commission (ITSC) and the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

The boxes were located by an underwater remotely operated vehicle searching the seabed near Majene, Sulawesi, where the plane went down. They were approximately 2,000 metres (6,500 ft) down and 1,400 metres apart. The FDR was recovered on August 27 at midday and the CVR was retrieved the following day at 10 a.m.

According to Tatang Kurniadi, chairman of the ITSC, the boxes exibit only minor physical damage, but there is currently no way of knowing if the data they contain has been damaged or destroyed by their prolonged stay underwater.

The devices will now be sent to Washington for analysis by NTSB specialists.